What Should People Know About Vein Treatment?

bullet imagebullet imageWhen varicose veins occur, the condition causes gnarled, twisted veins to be produced. These veins can be seen just under the skin and often bulge out. Not only does this condition mar the appearance of a person's legs, it can also cause painful symptoms to develop. Although not all vein issues need treatment, many become severe and cause the symptoms to become unbearable. It is crucial people are able to recognize the signs of this condition so they will know when to seek varicose vein repair so the health of their circulatory system can be protected.

The signs of vein problems include:

    Disfigured veins

    A feeling of heaviness in the legs

    A deep ache in the legs

    Burning in the legs

    Swelling in the legs

    Fatigue in the legs

    Difficulty standing for long periods

Those who work on their feet for long periods, are obese, or have circulatory issues are more prone to developing this condition. Thankfully, a vascular surgeron can help to treat the condition and bring welcome relief from the symptoms. If left untreated, this vein condition can continue to worsen and could lead to further complications such as blood clot formation.

There are several treatment approaches available for treating this vein condition. Sclerotherapy involves a surgeon injecting a chemical treatment into the vein so it becomes scarred and closes off. Eventually, the vein is absorbed by the body so it fades from view. More than one treatment may need to be carried out, depending on how severe the condition is. While this procedure can remove existing damaged veins, it cannot prevent new ones from developing.

Laser surgery is also an option for those who are plagued with bulging veins in their legs. This operation is not an invasive one and allows the surgeon to send pulses of light energy into the damaged vein so it is destroyed. While this procedure is successful in treating smaller veins, it is generally not the main mode of treatment for those with larger vein issues that are more advanced.

Through these procedures, vein repair can be carried out and a person can regain their confidence in their appearance. Most people are able to recover quickly and go about their normal routines in a short amount of time. Those who are experiencing the signs of vein disease need to seek a vein screening through a clinic that specializes in vein treatment. This will allow them to learn more about their condition and the available treatment options.



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